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    Patrycja Wanat

    Blogger and podcaster

    Who am I?

    I'm Patrycja Wanat, a 13 year old lifestyle, productivity, fashion and journal blogger and a podcast host.

    My interests are blogging, podcasting, writing, drawing, journalling and content creating. I am always profoundly open for collaboration requests, simply email me via [email protected]

    What advantages of having this bucket list will I get?

    However you will use this bucket list, it can be an advantageous experience that you may remember the most in life, that may change who you are in a positive way. As you will be completing this bucket list, on the way, you will feel energized and more relaxed, as checking off tasks makes you feel like you are accomplishing something – and you are! Checking off something on a list sends a signal to your brain to release a certain amount of dopamine, a natural mood enhancer, into your system.